Interactive Visual Response(IVisR)

Click To Call & QR Code enables numberless calling

Truly Global-Enables global connectivity with no additional configuration

Transforming how customers communicate with you

i800, Multi-Channel cloud-hosted next generation conversation platform

Available as Web / Embedded & Native app on IOS & Android

Ability to input text and respond to visual prompts with the option of switching to voice facilitates effective interaction.The solution can be deployed on standalone basis or as a layer to existing contact center infrastructure.

Multi-channel concurrent interaction

Option to initiate a call over VOIP, chat or file sharing in a single app all at the same time.

Secure and interactive interface

Secure text based identity verification.

Enhanced visual interactions menu enabling.

Call position and wait time notification.

Call back scheduling options.


In built easy ticket management

Customizable options/Survey

With a host of pre-defined templates you can create surveys and/or feedback forms to gauge customer satisfaction levels and ascertain VOC (Voice of the Customer).

Machine Enabled Processing

i800 is built on a bed of latest technologies which enables it to auto-learn and self-tune based on its experience for automation.

Simple to set-up, easy to work & self-service. It nearly works on the “plug and play” model. Let’s tell you more

i800 integrates telephony, chat and file sharing all under one roof. It allows your customers to contact you via any of these channels for queries and issues related to your products and service. Your support staff can handle, respond and close contacts as tickets in a seamless manner. The chat bot and machine based intelligence features ensure customer contacts are stacked and prioritized around pre-defined rules.

Benefits Of App

  • Extends a self-service experience to your customers leading to an alleviated brand loyalty

  • Helps in optimizing Contact center operational costs and resources

  • Availability on the cloud ensures minimal toll on IT support systems

  • A host of tools, customization and reporting mechanism for Contact Center staff

  • Integration assistance and round the clock support

Cloud-Based integration

Simple & easy business tool integration

i800 is built on OPEN REST API Architecture. Integrates with all CRM, Office Suites, & ITSM tools.

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i800 Inc is founded by technology veterans from Silicon Valley with the core belief that the path to successful business lies through the heart of a happy & loyal customer.

This has been the motto of i800 ever since the conception of the idea. i800 offers a low cost all-in-one solution to three most important aspects of a business - the Collaboration tool, the VPBx and a state of the art Customer Contact Center.

"If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles."

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      Free 3 months limited time introductory offer, subject to terms conditions. Please contact us for price details after trial offer.Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.If you sign-up for a free trial account, you are not required to enter your credit card information unless and until you decide to continue with a paid subscription to our services. Once you subscribe, services will be free of monthly subscription fees for 3 months which includes 550 voice minutes(In/Out). After maxing out free voice minutes in trial offer, you will be charged at USD 2.2¢ /min. Unlawful usage of i800 is strictly prohibited, and all such customers will be prosecuted.
2.Offers subject to change without notice.
3.Please contact us for extending your subscription at then-current rate after the trail period. i800 Inc may reach you with promotional offers

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Born in Silicon Valley, California, USA

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